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Tours are conducted during daytime hours and unless otherwise requested, they usually begin at Columbus Circle (59th Street and Broadway) on the south side of the circle in front of the Museum of Art and Design (white building) at the time confirmed on the reservation.


Central Park covers 843 acres. Tours vary in length depending on how much of the park you want to experience. A 1-Hour tour  which is most popular covers 1/3 of the park and would allow you to see some of its most famous locales such as The Bethesda Fountain, The Promenade, Sheep Meadow, The Dakota (Apartment building and former residence of famous Beatle John Lennon) and Strawberry Fields (his memorial). You may want to include stops along the way so you can walk and take photos. This would require more time and a 1 hour tour may become 1 1/2 hours. Don't worry, the extra time is free and your rate will not change. The rate is $99.00. My pedicab comfortably holds 3 adults and the rate applies per ride not per person. If you have more than 3 people in your party, additional pedicabs could be ordered but rates apply per pedicab. Select "Tours" on the title bar above and view the drop down menu for various tours. Then choose a specific tour for tour details, pricing, payment options and reservations.  If you are ready to reserve your tour you can use the book now button below.



There are many people who provide pedicab rides and tours of Central Park.  Only a few are licensed by New York City to conduct sightseeing tours. New York City requires sightseeing guides to pass a test and obtain a license.  I have maintained my license since 2008.  I am also a native New Yorker and have watched my city evolve for over 50 years and I bring that perspective to my tours.  Most importantly though, I love my job.  I see my self as a lucky guy and proud ambassador for my city.  I put my heart into my tours and you will never feel rushed.

My goal is to provide total satisfaction and I hope that when your tour is concluded you will walk away with wonderful memories which last for years to come.





Ask about specialized tours. Maybe you want your tour tailored to children. We can visit sites such as The Alice In Wonderland Statue, The Balto Statue and Belvedere Castle (home of Count von Count in the Muppets movie).  Or maybe a wedding engagement is in your future.  The Bow Bridge is also known as "proposal bridge" and is a popular place for marriage proposals to happen.  We could work your tour around it and make a stop there for 'the big question'!  I will be happy to oblige you.  And don't be concerned about added or hidden costs.  I will try to adjust the tour you have selected so your special request is fulfilled.  I want your tour to be a completely satisfying experience. Let me know what's on your mind.

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