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Pat and Michelle Armstrong from the UK.

(See our review on

Jaqui and Manus Wellington from Scotland

Sabine Niemann from Frankfurt, Germany.

Chris & Emma Scrivens from the UK, on their honeymoon!

(See our testimonial and review on

Nancy and Alan Meyers from Texas.

(See our testimonial)

Mirian Maria de Medeiros from Brazil.

Roman and Simone from Vienna, Austria.

Rhonda from South Carolina and Earl from NYC.

Matt and Eilidh from the UK.

Kristen and Becca, beautiful sisters from Ontario, Canada. Big fans of the TV show "Gossip Girl".  (See our testimonial)

Margaret and Gabriella from Pennsylvania.

Enjoying Cherry Blossoms at Cherry Hill.

Rovina (sorry if I misspelled that), Alison and Frank. Awesome family from Asheville, North Carolina. Alison is an aspiring dancer.

Vicky and Kate from Australia.

      (See our testimonial)

Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Angela and Don from Dallas, Texas.

Elena, Mariano and Paulino from Argentina.

Paulino LOVES Bono from U2!

Gary and Dan from Sacramento, California.

Greg and me with fun ladies from Nottingham, England. Elaine, Helen, Glenis and Elaine.

 We had a blast!

David and Jenny from the UK.

(on their honeymoon)

Cecilia and Camila, beautiful Mom and Daughter from Chile.

Eric from Ohio and Sooji from Brooklyn, NY.

Niel, a nice man from Australia.

Paulina, Emilio and Carlos from Mexico City on a cold January day in New York City.

(See our review on

Alex, Michelle and Amanda. Gorgeous ladies from Canada at the Bow Bridge.

(See our review on

Pam, Kevin and Judy from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

(See our testimonial and review on

Enzo from France and Maria from Miami.

Drinking Hot Chocolate in late May!!

Chad and Kelley from

Kansas City, Missouri.

(See our review on

Javier and Valeria from Argentina.

The Sofola family from Washington DC.

Velta and Girts from Rochester, NY.

Velta will be singing at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night!

Scott and Penny from North Carolina on their honeymoon. They were married earlier this month on a cruise ship in Bermuda!

They are celebrating in New York City with their good friends Deena and Franklin (below)

Deena and Franklin from North Carolina.

In New York City celebrating the wedding of their good friends Scott and Penny (above).

(See our review on


Lance, Alice with her green car and Jin Gongyu from Bejing, China.  After a 13 hour flight and a brief stay in the Big Apple, they will board a cruise ship for a trip to Bermuda tomorrow!

Oscar with his Mom, Erica and Dad, Patrick from Sweeden. Happy Father's Day, Patrick!

Janet and Phillip "Flip" from Kansas City, Missouri.  Celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!

A couple of local kids.  Christina and Serge from Queens, New York City.

Randy and Kathy from Minnesota.

Juliette and her Mom, Goldy from Florida.

(See our review on

Tammy and her Mom, Nancy from Florida.

(See our review on

Karen and Jeannie, fun Florida ladies.

Diana, Sophia & Marseline.  Sophia from Queens, NY has taken my tour about 8 times and keeps coming back with friends who are visiting from abroad. This time her friends are from Dubai.

Ted & Beth from Saginaw, Michigan, wonderful couple who have been married for almost 50 years! (See our review on

Coleen and Lee, fun Australian sisters.

(See our review on

Gamble Family, from NE Ohio.

Robert & Lindsay from Houston, Texas.

We toured Central Park and Lower Manhattan.

(See our review on

Willy and Charmaigne from Charlotte, North Carolina.  On their way to the Apollo Theater.

Robin from Oklahoma City and her son Easton who recently graduated from high school and loves to play lacrosse!

(See our review on

Cheryl and her daughter Sheridan from Oklahoma City. Sheridan is on her way to college on a softball scholarship!

(See our Testimonial and review on

Jackie from Delaware and Maureen and Erin from Massachusetts.

(See our review on

Debbie-sue, fun lady from Kingwood, Texas.


Marvin and Aileen, native New Yorkers now living in Florida.

(See our review on

Katelyn and Stephanie from Tennessee celebrating with their Mom, Kit on her special birthday.

(See our review on

Brian and Yu from China, studying Mechanical Engineering in America.

Pauline and her 15 year old son, Kobe from London.  They are getting acquainted with the Central Park mime.

Sal and Ariella from Fresh Meadows, Queens.

Two beautiful young ladies from Paris.

Elaine and Bob from Massachusetts.

Frank and Janet from Marshfield, Massachusetts.

(See our review on

Heather, Debbie and their Mom, Sylvia. From Sydney, Australia.

(See our review on

Diane and Marty, fun ladies from Ohio.

Carl and Kristina from Minnesota.

A nice couple visiting NY for a wedding and decided to include a Central Park tour.

(See our review on

JD and Sherri from Fort Worth, Texas.

On their way to a cruise on the Atlantic Ocean!

Tim, Julia and Renee. A wonderful and happy family who loves to laugh!

Alejandra from Columbia and Christian from Guadalajara, Mexico.  Christian is a musician who plays many instruments.

Mary and Jack from Michigan.

(See our testimonial)

Jane and her son, Noah from Colorado.

Noah plays the cello!

Doris and Jess from Perth, Australia. They claimed to be senior citizens but I have my doubts. Fun ladies!

(See our review on

Anne and her exceptional son, Larry from Indiana.  NYC is their latest stop as Larry takes his Mom around the world to fulfill her "bucket list" of places she wants to visit.

(See our review on

Bob and Gayle from southern California.

Wonderful couple and frequent visitors to the Big Apple.

Kimberly and Shelly from Ft. Worth Texas, enjoying a "girls" weekend in NYC.

Jacko, Adam and Claire from Australia.

Adam is going to ice skate at Rockefeller Center. Then the whole family is off to Ireland!

Nil from Israel and his beautiful children, Daniella and Ariel.

Angela from Memphis and Darlene from Georgia. Nice sisters enjoying all that New York has to offer.

Ceci and Joe, a great couple from Littleton, Colorado.

(See our review on

Joy, her Mom Brenda and sister Brandi.

A fun family from Houston, Texas.

(See our review on

Laura and her staff or recruiters at "Recruit Up".

Laura, Erika, Kristi, Angela and Shera.

All fun ladies, at the Bow Bridge. 

Karra, a lovely young woman visiting from Australia.

Miriam, Kevin, Jocelyn, Grace & Kevin.

Syracuse friends spending a day in NYC. After enjoying the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall they went for a Central Park pedicab tour.

(See our review on

Jill, her Mom Retha and sister Jennifer at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Resevoir.

Celebrating Retha's birthday in New York City.

(See our review on

Fun family from the London area.

Harrison, Mick, Michelle and Toni.

Celebrating Harrison's 18th birthday.

Posing outside the Met with their driver Jusef.

(See our review on

Arlene, Dinah and Chrisanne from Gilbraltar.

On the coldest day of their lives at the Bethesda Terrace!

Jamey, his adorable daughter Thuy (pronounced "Twee") and wife Gabby from Minneapolis.

Zach and Amy from Los Angeles, CA.

Members of the Pop/Rock band "Cylvia".

Lynn and Kev from Scotland.

Julio and Benedictta from Rome on their honeymoon.  Next stop, a warm beach in Mexico.


Kate, Sharon, Jeremy and Bunny. Fun friends from Dallas, Texas.  On their way to Met Life Stadium to watch the Cowboys play the Giants.

Julia and Benoit from France.  Engaged to be married just moments ago, on the Bow Bridge!

(See our review on

Kelli and Annmarie from Glasgow, Scotland.

Spent one week in The Big Apple.

Jan and her daughter, Kate from Nottingham, England. Enjoying a Mother and Daughter trip to NYC.

Abbey from England and her Grandmother, Isabella.

Whitley and her Mom, Jaime from Arkansas

at the Bow Bridge. (I thought they were sisters!)

Brian and Coleen from Arizona.

On their way to see Phantom Of The Opera.

(See our review on

Sandi, Roni and Jennifer.

Fun ladies from North Carolina.

(See our review on

Patty and her son, Connor from Pittsburgh, PA.

Enjoying the holidays in New York City.

(See our review on

Charlotte from Houston, Texax and her friend Gail from Long Branch, New Jersey at The Church of the Heavenly Rest on the Upper East Side.

Lauren from Texas and Kailen from Oklahoma  enjoying Christmastime in the Big Apple.

Patti, her daughter Jenna and Mom, Karen.  Lovely family from Pennsylvania enjoying a day in New York City.

(See our testimonial and review on

Taylor and her Mom, Valerie from California.

Celebrating Taylor's birthday in New York City.

Donna, a sweet lady from Colorado at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

(See my review on


Robert and Kelly from England.

Enjoying a long weekend in NYC.

(See our review on Tripadvisor.Com)

Metronorth commuter train station at Riverdale in the Bronx.  (My local station)

Phil and Nikki from England, enjoying a 3-day, first visit to New York City. Next time they'll bring the kids.

Brian and Robin from Atlanta with their beautiful kids Noah, Alecia and Piper

Jason and Leigh from Florida celebrating their wedding anniversary in New York.

(See our review on

Dale and Kim from Australia.

Caitlyn and her brother, Randy. Great kids from Tampa, Florida. Working in New York City for the weekend.

Tina and Tony from Melbourne, Australia, and me. (a selfie!)

(See our review on

Tricia from Texas with her beautiful daughters, Ella and Jesse and their cousin, Joy.

Having fun with Alice-In-Wonderland and her friends!

(See our review on

Anne from New Mexico with Meg and her brother David from Kansas. At The Dakota after a 3 hour tour of Central Park and Harlem.

Jenna from Manchester, England. Winding down her 6 month tour of world cities.

Kim and Amy, lovely ladies from the U.K. at Strawberry Fields in the park.

Jill and Jason from Malaysia.  After a vacation in New York they are headed back home to start their careers as doctors!

(See our review on

Mike and Julie from the UK.

Grace and her Mom, Kris.

Fun ladies from Florida!

(See our testimonial and review on

Briana and her adorable daughter Anna.

Ladies from Atlanta enjoying a "girls" week in New York away from Dad and Anna's little brother.

Chris and Robert from Wisconsin with their adorable granddaughter, Samantha.

Amy and Craig from San Francisco, California.

After a quick layover in NYC, they are off to Italy to enjoy their honeymoon!

Times Square at dusk. Headed back to my pedicab garage after a day of tours.

Tessa and Dom from London. Celebrating their 21st birthdays in New York City!

(See our review on

Wendy and her daughter, Anna.

Lovely ladies from Virginia.

(See our review on

Janet and her daughter, Amy.

Lovely ladies from Midland, Texas.

(See our review on

Jess, Angela and Tom.

Wonderful family from Horsted, Keynes, UK.

(See our review on


Sandy and Chris, nice ladies from Iowa.

Enjoying some time on the Promenade.

(See our review on

Anthony and Meredith from Midland, Texas.

Celebrating their 3rd anniversary in NYC!

(See our review on

Marybeth, Paul, Mary-Lisa and Lorraine.

Traveled to NYC from various places for a family reunion.

(See our testimonial)

Bryan and Wendy with their niece, Kaitlin.

Celebrating Kaitlin's graduation from 8th grade.

David and Kathy, taking a break from museum hopping to enjoy a Central Park tour.
(See our review on

Bev and Deb from Leeds, England.

Celebrating Bev's special birthday in NYC.

(See our review on

Nick and Amanda from Buffalo, New York.

In town for a wedding.

(See our review on

Todd from Brooklyn with his friend Angela from New Hampshire and her son, Robert.

(See our review on

Karla and Faye, nice ladies from Florida.

Jill from the UK with her daughter, Samantha from Australia. Lovely ladies enjoying NYC.

Paige, Terry and Cheryl.

Wonderful family from Oklahoma

Ron and Cyndi from California.

Celebrating their anniversary in New York.

(See our testimonial and review on

Amanda from Ohio with her adorable daughters, Garyanna and Tia.

Jaclyn from Scotland and her Mom, Elspeth from Australia having a blast in NYC!

Kathy from Tucson, Arizona. On her way to the MET after a 2 hour Central Park tour.

(See my review on

Karen and Lois. Fun ladies from Boston enjoying a "girls" week in NYC.

(See our review on

Lesley and her Mom, Joanne.

Lovely ladies from Canada.

(See our testimonial)

Krista from Chicago.  Fun lady who did the full park tour. Now she's heading to the New Jersey shore!

Toni and Tim with their sons, Travis and Tyler. Awesome family from Wichita, Kansas.

(See our review on

Ann and Frank from New Jersey.

Enjoying their long awaited visit to Central Park.

(See our review on

Molly, Mason, Meggie and April.

Great family from San Antonio, Texas.

(See our review on

Theresa and Joseph from Oregon.

(See our review on

Zoe, her Mom Joy and friend, Carolina from Austin, Texas.

Karen, Tiffany, Kaitlyn, Jake and Greg.

Beautiful family celebrating Kaitlyn's birthday.

Karen and John from Ireland.

On their honeymoon in NYC!

(See our review on

Graham and Emma from London

Also honeymooning in NYC!

(See our review on

Jill, her Mom Joan and sister Robin.

Lovely ladies from Wisconsin.

Bridget and Chris from the Detroit area.  Enjoying a full park tour.

(See our review on

Kiley, Jenny and Elle. Fun ladies from Austrailia. Elle is living in Connecticut.

(See our review on

Charlotte, her Mom Sabina, sister Jenna and brother Aaron. Fun family visitin from Australia.


Julie and Lisa, beautiful sisters from Australia celebrating Julie's birthday in NYC.

(See our review on

Brenda from New Jersey with her nephew, Sam and his lovely wife, Amanda from Colorado.

(See our review on

Nicki with her Mom Tricia and Dad Mac.

Enjoying a beautiful day in the park.

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