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Since many visitors to New York City want to experience as much of the city as they can, they may have limited time for a tour.  That is why a one hour tour is the most popular tour.  Although relatively brief,  you will see many of the parks most famous sites and you will learn a lot about its history. You will also see the apartment buildings where many well-known celebrities reside and screening locations of many popular movies. Sites include The Sheep Meadow, The Carousel, The Dairy, The Mall, The Balto Statue, Model Boat Pond, Bethesda Fountain, Cherry Hill, Bow Bridge, The Dakota, Strawberry Fields, Tavern On The Green, Loeb Boathouse, Alice-In-Wonderland, The Lake. Optional stops for walking and picture taking can be made at The Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Cherry Hill Fountain and Strawberry Fields. This will make your tour longer but you will not be charged extra for that time.

(Unless you are on a strict schedule, this tour typically lasts longer than 1-hour.)


RATE: $99.00*






* Rate applies per pedicab.

  Pedicabs hold a  maximum of 3 people.

  For groups larger than 3 people (requiring multiple pedicabs)

  please call 917-647-3227 or email me at


Cancellations for full refund will be honored up to and

including the day of the tour but advance notification is

greatly appreciated. 

1 Hour Pedicab Tour 

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